Initial planting, 2/16/14

After a hiatus last year to watch the garden get swallowed by weeds and depression, I started resurrecting the thing today. Eight square feet of garden peas (4 seeds per sf), four square feet of Fordhook Giant chard, four more of rainbow chard. Then I’m staggering plantings of lettuces and carrots – three sf of Black-Seeded Simpson lettuce, one of Little Gem (another to be planted early March), one sf of
Merveille des Quatre Saisons (another early March), and one of Tom Thumb (very small heads, pre-Civil War heirloom, with another to come in March). Carrots: one sf each of Jaune Obtuse, Little Finger, Kuroda Long, and Danvers Half-Long, each with another square to plant, yes, in early March.

And that’s one bed out of six.

High today of 62, forecast low of 35, no precipitation.

And we’re off!


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