Garden journal, 2/17/14

Chris has, at long last, developed enough prefrontal cortex activity to listen to me when he asks to help in the garden. Our toddler friend up the street, not so much. A three-year-old sees you poking holes in the dirt and fixates on that, because poking holes in the dirt is fun, so now you have 1,348 holes in the dirt. You tell the three-year-old, “Only one seed at a time,” and she looks at you as if to say, “I like two seeds at a time, you moron, because they’re prettier that way.”

Kids are fun.

Today: eight square feet of sugar snap peas (four per sf) on the north side of bed 2. Next row south, another eight of ruby chard, four per…then Bloomsdale Longstanding spinach, again four per. Finally, three sf of French Breakfast radishes and five of icicle radishes, 12 per. Worked in some peat moss and moo-nure before planting, and can I just say that, even with as many years as Chris and I have been working on this garden, the fact that you can buy large bags of cow poo, and then dig around in it, never gets old for him.

High 67, low 42, and we may get a little rain tonight.


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