Garden journal, 2/18/14

I’ve been getting ready to go back to work tomorrow and getting Chris to actually sit down and read a paper book, so no planting time in the garden today.  I have two beds planted out of six, and three of the remaining need to have at least several boards replaced and compost added (and Hot Wheels cars to remove), so I’ll be going into the first-of-spring planting with only three beds until March.  We do what we can.

I have a thing for chard.  My dad grew it when I was growing up in the ’70s, and that was the only time I heard of it until I started gardening five years ago.  Like a lot of children, I wasn’t big on greens, but having learned to do what I want with it, I want a whole garden full of it.  This is the year that I try to garden year-round, and it’s going to be the foundation of that in the fall.

Barring catastrophe, we’ll be awash in the early spring produce soon.  Recipe up!


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